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Rhino van roof bars and van accessories

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Rhino Products are a quality manufacturer of Van Roof Bars, Van Roof Racks and Van Accessories for today's commercial vehicles.

Rhino's new DELTA bars feature a state of the art aerodynamic steel profile, reducing wind noise as well as providing sufficient strength for all normal applications; they're good value for money. They are zinc electroplated and then trivalent passivated to give a very durable anti-corrosion finish.

DELTA system feet provide a tailored fit for each vehicle; the steel pressings have similar levels of corrosion protection, and the bolts and lock nuts etc. are stainless steel.

Rhino have crash tested their DELTA bars to 20 G's, which means that the bars, loaded to their permitted maximum, have survived a horizontal stress which is equivalent to 20 times that weight. We understand that this replicates the forces created by a deceleration from approximately 30mph to 0mph in half a second. Roof bar crash testing is about proving that the bars stay firmly in place on the vehicle, particularly important in urban situations. It's up to the users to fix the load intelligently, not to carry more than the maximum permitted roof weight for this vehicle, and to modify driving techniques according to the weight on the roof.

We display Rhino products in their separate modules so that if you’re an existing Rhino user you’ll easily be able to work out which new bits you need to take a system from vehicle to vehicle.  If you’re a new user then be sure that everything you need has been “pre-ticked” for you.