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PeBe’s seat covers

PeBe’s seat covers are bespoke to each seat type; most people think they’re original seats, but they’re better than the originals because they protect the areas that wear - the seat sides - and so they’ll improve resale values. Transport 3.0 is the best-selling van style, sold in sets, e.g. a front seat and double bench seat. Formata 3.0 truck seat sets include both left and right seat covers.

Carbox boot liners

Carbox boot liners are available for almost every car. With a 5cm rim around the edge, a bespoke fit to the contours of the boot, odourless and strong, they’ll help to protect the value of any car which is used commercially.


AutoSock are reusable vehicle snow socks, sold in pairs, which use friction technology and high tech materials to keep vehicles moving in snow. They’re available for almost all vehicle tyre sizes - cars, vans, and HGVs - and are pulled over the driving wheels when the road conditions look particularly tricky, or after a vehicle has got stuck. They’re easy to store in-vehicle - a packet of AutoSock is about the size of a folded shirt - and fitting them is obvious, requiring no special knowledge or training.

König’s T2 Pro truck chains

König’s T2 Pro truck chains are as easy to fit as car and van chains. The days of fiddly old-fashioned “lay flat and drive on” chains are long gone. We also stock König’s Coach Master automatic chains, designed to fit to the outer wheels of coach twin wheel sets; they are also ideal for twin wheel trucks.

Spikes-Spider ALPINE Pro

Spikes-Spider ALPINE Pro are the fastest fitting chains available, and just as quick to remove. 30 seconds a wheel is all the time you need! They’re also exceptionally durable.