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Van Accessories

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Shoe snow chains

A range of VAN-RACKS Van Accessories are now available.

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>> Safety accessories:


Wearing a reflective safety vest whilst outside during the winter months is a very good idea, and the best way to be seen at night. Available in yellow with orange trim, conforms to EU Standard EN 1150.


Code: WL43035

>> Safety accessories:


Having a reflective safety vest in your car over the winter months is a very good idea, and the best way to be seen at night. Available in yellow, conforms to EU Standard BS EN 471.


Code: WL43998

>> Safety accessories:


Unique patented headlamp converters for continental driving. Beam Benders redirect the beam and do not block out the light. Self-adhesive. One size fits most vehicles, even those with curved headlamps.


Code: LG017

>> Safety accessories:


This Maypole 3 tonne tow rope starts at 1.75m and stretches to 4m, eliminating snatching. Its drop forged hooks make it quick, clean and easy to use - there's no need to grovel around under the car looking for places to tie on or loop through. Just clip it into your towing eye, front or back. It's basically a big bungee cord, covered in a strong, orange sleeve.


Code: SF033

>> FASTY Handy Smart strap:


The Handy Smart strap is designed for car tyres. The package includes four handle straps with woven text for each tyre... Back left, Front left, Back right, Front right. They are easy to carry in each hand, which reduces the risk of you getting dirty or hurting your back. tyres can then be easily stored in the garage by hanging from the straps on a nail in the wall. 4 straps with handles, Black with text,100cm, 400kg, 25mm wide.


Code: FS198

>> Commercial systems accessory:


Ensures speedy and secure fastening of loads, from ladders to planks. Consists of 2 parts: 4.1m and 0.4m strap with S-hooks in steel. Ideal for use with Thule Eye Bolt 320.

RRP 20.00

Code: TU323

>> Safety accessories:


  • A very practical and easy-to-use 300 lumen head torch with three lighting levels, all you need for general lighting.
  • If you've never used a headtorch before you'll be amazed at what a difference they make.


Code: LG009
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