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Winter Driving

Find Your Van Racks and Van Bars here

Winter driving accessories

Want AutoSock or Snow Chains? Click here to find your van

Other great winter travel accessories

We aim to keep good stocks of a range of very useful winter driving accessories. These are all products that our staff use in the business and at home, so we're confident about their quality and usefulness as well as their good value.

Shoe Chains

Shoe snow chains are a simple yet obvious solution to the problem of 'how to stay on your feet on ice and snow'. These VERIGA and RUD shoe chains can make a massive difference between slipping and walking!

Snow Shovel

another winter essential that always comes in handy

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Ortovox Shovel

This shovel is a staff favourite and is practically indestructible

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Snow Brush

A good strong brush especially designed for clearing snow off cars

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Tow Rope

It makes sense to carry a tow rope in the car anyway, but especially during winter

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Safety Vest

Having a reflective safety vest in your vehicle over the winter months is a very good idea

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Long handled ice scraper

Keep your vehicle's windscreen clear of ice with this long handled ice scraper.

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Head Torch

A very practical and easy-to-use head torch with two lighting levels, perfect for almost all your lighting needs

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