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Leisure activity and specialist straps

Leisure activity and specialist straps by Fasty of Sweden

FASTY have a wide range of quality specialist lashing straps ideal for leisure activities, including Ski and Snowboard straps, Storm tent and awning straps, a Strap-winch for surfboards etc, a roof box hoist and even a Dog lead/Moose puller ... yes, moose puller!

There is also a special Lifty strap for people who struggle to lift their legs.

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>> FASTY leisure and specialist straps:


This strap protector prevents the straps from getting damaged by sharp edges and also minimises damage to anything the straps are secured around.


Code: FS142

>> FASTY leisure and specialist straps:


The Fasty Snowboard strap is a long tagline strap that can be worn whilst riding to ensure the board doesn't go far away, after the occasional mishap. Black, 90cm 20mm wide.


Code: FS190

>> FASTY leisure and specialist straps:


This Fasty polypropylene strap has a rated strength of 400kg and is suitable for light commercial and domestic lashing applications. Orange with reflective qualities, 150cm, 25mm wide, 400kg.


Code: FS168

>> FASTY leisure and specialist straps:


The Fasty Storm strap is a polypropylene strap ideal for use with tents, caravans or motorhomes. Can be used to secure your tent, awning, etc., in heavy wind. Easy to fit with adjustable strap. Silver-grey, 270cm, 25mm wide, 200kg.


Code: FS184

>> FASTY leisure and specialist straps:


Fasty's dog lead is also sold as a moose / elk puller - so you can be sure it is incredibly strong! (Fasty is based in Sweden where, if you were an elk, you'd be wise to head for Norway in late September!)


Code: FS197

>> FASTY Handy Smart strap:


The Handy Smart strap is designed for car tyres. The package includes four handle straps with woven text for each tyre... Back left, Front left, Back right, Front right. They are easy to carry in each hand, which reduces the risk of you getting dirty or hurting your back. tyres can then be easily stored in the garage by hanging from the straps on a nail in the wall. 4 straps with handles, Black with text,100cm, 400kg, 25mm wide.


Code: FS198

>> FASTY roof box hoist strap:


The Fasty Box Lift strap allows one person to easily move a roof box or surf board from the top of the car to the garage ceiling. 2 x 25mm straps, blue with yellow TRBC branding, 400cm. 4 x suspension brackets and 8 x screws.


Code: FS130-1

>> FASTY leisure and specialist straps:


The FASTY Lifty Strap is recommended by physiotherapists as an aid for raising legs. Made from soft, 25mm wide polypropylene, it's adjustable at both ends and features a handle and a foot loop. Black with 'Lifty' text, 110cm, 25mm wide.


Code: FS165

>> FASTY Strap Winch:


The Fasty Strap Winch with its polyester buckle and load stop is designed for use on 32mm x 22mm roof bars, and is particularly useful for people who load and unload frequently. Often used for carrying surfboards!

The design is an ingenious one. You load directly against the accompanying load stop, providing quick and easy loading, and no need to tie off the loose ends. Blue, 200cm, 25mm wide, 300kg.


Code: FS140
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