At FASTY we specialise in domestic and light commercial straps to 1000kg

After 25 years of working with our customers, and refining our products, we think we have an understanding of our market that is second to none!

Our stock items, the 20mm and 25mm polypropelene straps - Allpack, Transport and Pin Pack - are just a small part of what we do. Our ongoing research and development programme, coupled with our experience and the benefits of a flexible and committed workforce, continues to open up numerous other opportunities.

The NEW standard FASTY 25mm buckle and The new FASTY Over-centre buckle - the strongest on the market! Click here to
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FASTY Strap Uses!

>> FASTY Handy Range
- the strap with a handle

Opens up a whole new world of strap applications. Tested to 400kg and ideal for Fasty's 'own label' programme. Promotional opportunities are phenomenal. Standard Blue Strap, 8 packs and 'own branded' options are available.

>> FASTY 'Own Brand' Straps

For the personal touch take advantage of FASTY's 'own brand' programme
- Your corporate colours, your name, phone number, website details etc woven into the webbing!

Click on the images above to see better how you could use your Fasty straps!
FASTY Straps Buckles
FASTY Straps Handy - put to good use!
FASTY Straps 'Own Brand' Promotional Ideas
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Volvo V70 estate

Fasty straps are now Volvo original accessories!
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FASTY Straps Transport Lashing Straps
>> FASTY Transport Range

25mm wide polypropylene straps suiable for most domestic and light commercial lashing applications.
Assortment and 10 packs available.
FASTY Straps Pin Pack Lashing Straps
>> FASTY Pinpack Range

Lighter duty range of polypropylene straps suiable for most domestic and leisure applications.

Colour twin pack range, Black twin pack range and Black 1 pack range available.

Black ranges feature black webbing and buckles and are packaged in environmentally friendly recycled card.
FASTY Straps Handy
FASTY Straps Allpack Lashing Straps
>> FASTY Allpack Range

Lighter duty range of polypropylene straps suitable for most domestic and leisure applications. Assortment and 8 packs available.
FASTY Straps CPU Holder
>> FASTY CPU Holder

The CPU Holder is designed to suspend a computer tower underneath a desk worktop keeping your desk tidy and floor clear. Includes 2 straps and 4 suspension brackets.
FASTY Straps Boxlift
>> FASTY Boxlift

The Boxlift allows for the easy movement and storage of objects such as roof boxes and surf boards. Allowing 1 person to easily move a heavy object.
FASTY Straps Over-centre Strap
>> FASTY Over-Centre Straps

Patented buckle and strap at the leading edge of strap technology, delivering 800kg of lashing strength from only a 25mm wide strap. An effective alternative to a ratchet strap. 1 piece, 500cm black strap only.
FASTY Straps Other Lashing Straps
>> FASTY 'Other Lashing Straps'

Wide range of straps include: Ratchet straps, Snowboard Straps (shown), 500cm straps, Twin pack of 350cm straps, 2 part straps and Dog Lead/Moose Puller Straps - YES REALLY Moose Pullers!
FASTY Straps Strap Winch
>> FASTY Strap Winch

The Strap Winch is particularly useful for people who load and unload frequently. Often used for carrying surf boards. Includes auto locking, quick release and a load stop.
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