Van-Racks Coronavirus update
Coronavirus (COVID-19) update

Our major roof racks supplier, Rhino Products, is not always able to maintain a full stock of finished goods, and also reports that their courier (TNT) is not able to provide a Next Working Day service at the moment. These problems are likely to be same whichever Rhino Products reseller you use for your order – all resellers, to the best of our knowledge, have the goods sent direct from Rhino Products.

Some deliveries arrive next day, but most of them are taking between 2 and 4 working days. Many consignments are also being split, which means that part of the order arrives on one day, and the remainder on another day. Split deliveries happen when manually sorted items, which are too large to be grouped together on conveyor systems, are loaded onto trailers which are then full, or at full weight, before all the manually handled packages have been loaded.

The increase in online shopping caused by lockdowns has added to the problems caused by social distancing requirements at courier sorting hubs. It is fair to say that the UK courier system has never been under so much stress; please be patient.

We will send you online tracking details once Rhino Products have sent these to us.

Please also note that courier drivers have been told not to get signatures but (depending on specific Special Delivery Instructions) to leave the package on the door step, ring the bell, and talk to the occupants from a safe distance.